Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pomona college museum of art

As a class we viewed work done by James Turrell and Evan Holloway at the Pomona College Museum of Art. James Turell is an internationally acclaimed light and space artist. At the exhibition one can view his many models. The models are fascinating in that many of his structures are circular. The fact that the structures were circular made them interesting due to many structures the public see are not built in such a way as Turrell constructs his models. Not only does the exhibition include models but there are other pieces by Turrell titled, End Around, Gathered Light, and Silent Leading. End Around I believe had a huge impact on everyone who viewed it. When in the room one cannot place oneself anywhere. The fact that when one is in the room and not knowing where space ends, is very unique. I believe Turrell did an amazing job working with space and proves it with End Around. One can also view Turrell’s sky tower on the campus as well. The hole in the roof frames the sky almost as making it seem important, like one frames a picture or photo. Turell, like in many of his works makes one look at something more carefully.

Evan Holloway’s practice includes sculptures, drawings, videos, and sound works. For the Project Series 35, Holloway considered relationship between objects and explored with different parameters. As one enters this room, one will find the spots get larger as one steps farther away. The room is perceived through light and distance. Like Turell, Holloway also plays with space. One can see how Turrell has influenced Holloway and his work. For Project Series 35, Holloway investigated into the history and theory of modernist sculpture. Many of Holloway’s work combine a personal vision of the world today and human experience within it.

At the Pomona College one can also view two murals. The first mural from the 1960’s is titled, Genesis. Within the mural are different elements from Genesis. The mural is in black and white and looks smooth. There is an arc and in the center a person with their back turned to the viewer. The mural is very inclusive to which one has to go part way inside the building in order to see it. The mural expresses much tragedy and one does not see too many faces but gets the feeling of seriousness when viewing the mural. The mural can be perceived as a way to educate us or serve as a reminder on past deeds.

The second mural from the 1930’s is titled Prometheus. Unlike the first mural, Prometheus is done in color. The different colors separate groups of people. Some people in the mural look miserable and worried while others are embracing. The top part of the mural is symbolic as the light of God. The whole mural is based off of a Greek myth.

on our way to the
Pomona college museum of art

very classic campus

James Turrell's "END AROUND"

(pics from

James Turrell's
series of "Gathered Light"

Evan Holloway Project Series 35
(pic from

Rico Lebrun "Genesis" 1960.

close up view

Jose Clemente Orozco"Prometheus" 1930

Pomona college, Frary Hall

Claremont, California

central panel . 20 x 28.5 ft

right side
left side

James Turrell

"Dividing the Light"

2007 LED light, metal, plaster, & graniteInstalled on the campus of Pomona College

dramatic changes right before the sunset

as you move around the area

you may see the changes in the shape of the frame

group : Filomena, Joon, Michael, Paula

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