Friday, May 9, 2008

LACMA Museum

At the LACMA Museum my group viewed the work of Jasper Johns. The piece we enjoyed by Jasper Johns was titled Watchman, 1964. We learned that Johns was influenced by Duchamp. He took a readymade object that was a chair with a leg and had it appear to be falling. The oils he used appear to be dripping which made the painting look interesting. My group thought his work was well done in that he moves the viewer everywhere. Johns works with abstract expressionism and minimalism which were incorporated in his piece Watchman.

Secondly, my group viewed a piece titled Canyon, 1925 by Robert Rauschenberg. This piece was a painting and a sculpture, using a found object which was an eagle. My group thought that what made the piece really great was the fact that everything was put together into a collage. There were many images put into the piece such as the image of a small boy and the statue of liberty.

Ellesworth Kelly was influenced by Brancusi. Kelly works mostly with space, shape, and color. The artist looks at how these elements relate to their surroundings such as the wall and architecture. What makes this artist fascinating is that she makes one look at isolated forms more deeply. One of the artist’s pieces we viewed was titled Blue Red, 1968.

Other work we viewed was by Roy Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein uses advertisements and cartoons for his work. He takes commercial printing and puts it into art. One piece we viewed was titled Mirror #1, 1969. Lichtenstein is interesting in that he takes other artists and their pieces such as Claude Monet and his Cathedral series, and takes those images and recreates them using his style.

Furthermore, John Baldessari’s pieces are interesting in that there is only one thing a person needs to know in order to view his paintings which is the English language. A piece we viewed by Baldessari was titled Everything is purged from this painting but art; no ideas have entered this work 1967-68. My group thought Baldessari was interesting in that he is not like most painters who normally paint an image or use a lot of colors, Baldessari just uses words.

Lastly, Robert Therrien had a piece titled Under the Table, 1994. This piece was made of wood, metal, and enamel. The piece is a table with chairs around it. The piece is huge, almost touching the ceiling. What most people liked about it was how the piece made them feel. It was a feeling many people have never felt before viewing any artwork. Personally, I felt small and almost helpless like an ant looking up at a picnic table. It was not only fascinating, but fun.

outside view of LACMA

installations at LACMA

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