Thursday, May 15, 2008

Museum of Jurassic Technology

Our first stop was the Museum of Jurassic Technology. There were many interesting things, but my group enjoyed a piece titled “A Bell Wheel” from Musurgia Universalis. Kircher had done some research in music and acoustics. The music the bells made were a melody found in a manuscript from Sicily. “A Bell Wheel” was seen as something spiritual and sacred. My group liked it because it was as if sound was put in the form of art.

I took this picture while the wheel was spinning

some other very interesting pieces. This one resembled an astronomy.

professor Lattu wanted me to check this out, there was an image of man reflected (video clip) onto the head of an animal. The man was crying and screaming ... overall, I felt creepy.

This piece caught my eyes, it was displayed on a little frame, the wave figure kept on rolling; hence creating an 'ocean' atmosphere.

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