Saturday, June 7, 2008

Angstrom Gallery

In Culver City at the Angstrom Gallery my group viewed pieces by an artist named Colin Chillag. One piece my group enjoyed was titled Colony, 2007. It was acrylic on canvas. The piece looked like a landscape. In the picture there was the beach, clouds, and airplanes. The picture was full of detail. One could see details such as trees and cars, freeways and crops. One thing my group found interesting about the piece was that the objects in the painting were off scale and not proportional. A car would be the same size as a building. It was interesting and fun to look at.

acrylic on canvas
84 x 95 inches

Another piece in the gallery by Colin Chillag was An Erroneous Model, 2007. The piece was acrylic and graphite on canvas and seemed to replicate the moon. The picture was gray and had no color. Some parts of the moon looked like liquid, making the piece seem interesting. The moon was replicated in some ways we imagine a moon to be replicated, along with ways in which we do not.

"An Erroneous Model"

acrylic and graphite on canvas

82 x 92 inches


A Graphic Display of Quantitative Information by Colin Chillag was a piece that was acrylic on canvas as well. The painting had a display of 25 faces showing different facial expressions all of which look in some way frustrated, sad, or angry. The faces are arranged on a graph that seems to indicate that as fear increases so to does rage.

"A Graphic Display of Quantitative information"

acrylic on canvas

83 x 96 inches


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