Saturday, June 7, 2008

LA Contemporary

One piece my group liked at this gallery was a piece by Chase titled Icon Series, 2008. The piece which consisted of multiple parts was acrylic on canvas. My group enjoyed viewing the piece due to it being really colorful and trendy. The images looked like something one would find on a t-shirt. Most of the colors used were green, blue, and yellow.

"Icon series"

Acrylic on canvas

20" x 16" x 2"



A second piece my group enjoyed by the artist named Hashim Thomas was titled, #6 Gandhi, 2008. The piece was acrylic, spray paint, and paint marker on wood panel. A picture of Gandhi was in the bottom left side. Behind him were swirls of purple and brown. The background seemed to look like the universe which my group thought made the piece interesting.

"Be the change wish to see Gandhi"

Arylic, spray paint, paint marker on wood panel

36" x 48"


by Hashim Thomas

Another artist at this gallery was Defer titled Bullet Proof Soul, 2008. The piece was acrylic spray paint on canvas. The words bullet proof soul, were in the painting. The painting looked like graffiti. There was a woman in the center of the piece with wings and looked like an anime figure. The picture consisted of many blue, purple, and pink colors.

"Bullet proof soul"

acrylic spray paint on canvas

50" x 40"



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